Our fee is $75 + HST for an initial 30 minute consultation. Once we determine your needs and agree to represent you, you will receive a written retainer agreement outlining the scope and nature of our services and fees. 

Our fees range from $150 to $300 per hour depending on the complexity of the matter and your income. We accept Legal Aid Certificates for child protection, custody/access and criminal matters.

A law practice is expensive and legal work is time consuming. If we do not bill our clients, we cannot pay our bills.  We do NOT work on a contingency fee basis or do pro bono (free) legal work.   


$50 for the first document and $20 for each additional document. 

We accept payment by cash, e-transfer, certified cheque or credit card. 

​*All fees are subject to 13% HST. 


​​Renatta Austin 

Lawyer & Notary Public

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